Saturday, 14 December 2013

Shoes polished in three steps

One of the biggest stresses when men are going to work is to look at the shoe and realize that he is not polished and waxed. But what to do? How should I let the leather of my shoe always clean and shiny?

shoes polished a quick and easy wayquick and easy way to shoes polished

It is essential that your shoe, be it male or female, has few days of rest, ie, it is always good to alternate the use of the shoes, get some air is good for health of the leather, it's good to leave a little breathing.
Let the tips.
  1. Before starting to shine, remove any dirt with the help of a tow, existing dust with the help of a grease remover.
  2. Take a can of grease folder (which are the best) and spread over the surface of the leather, leaving no residue, leaving no balls. It's good to use a toothbrush for a better result.
  3. With an appropriate brush, take that shine on your favorite leather shoe. And ready.
 quick and easy way to polish your shoes

 If you're a mega picky person, try spending a flannel and then have that shoe, brand new as always!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Winter collections : Look of the Day Fashion Basic or bold ?

The weekend is coming, and you have not thought about the look you going to use? StyleSection helps you!
If you prefer the famous apostate "less is more", invest in a close basic, but extremely charming and looking so cute. The model enhances the feminine curves and goes with everything!

When the desire is to dare, worth betting on shining! The sequined dress finishes off the glamor and makes you ready to rock in the club!
And then, what will it be?

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Friday, 25 October 2013

How to Wear Polo With Tailoring Guide

Polo With Tailoring Guide

A good way to get a look stripped without putting the elegance of hand and bet on the combo polo tailoring and even if you work in a formal setting, where there are clothes that are not permitted within the boundaries of evening dress, leaving a polo saved in a strategic location can be lifesaving when you choose to give that stretched after work somewhere coolest, where you can take time to shirt and tie, with a relaxing clothing a little more comfortable.

Neutral colors and sober, as in the photo above, are great for those who want to travel on any environment without restriction, but nothing prevents you to put some color on the look and choose a model with a cheerful tone, especially if you want to air youthful production.

Prints and Patterns
Prints and exaggerated details are not desired in this case, because it leaves polluted a look that is a prerequisite to be clean, however polo shirts with horizontal stripes can make a discreet charm more combination.
Polo With Tailoring Guide men's wear souting

The opposite is also true: a blazer fresh tissue with vertical stripes and a colorful polo make a good combo for mid-season or summer days more enjoyable.

Like the look is very informal, gives to choose between shoes or sneakers, and the second option is more daring, but it should be reserved for base models with few details and colors, used preferably without socks. Already the shoes will occasion: the night behaved and classic models work well during the day dock sides and moccasins are an interesting choice, and in doubt, brogues with casual style can save you at anytime and anywhere. canvas strap, the ballad steel models are successful for a ride and a leather day can be a smart choice.
Polo With Tailoring Guide

This type of visual is very well complemented with stylish accessories like a good glasses or a nice belt, the pocket square is also true, especially if you're a fan of this type of supplement, it also depends on the clock footprint look, if you have a More weather navy, the options are suitable canvas strap, the ballad steel models are successful for a ride and a leather day can be a smart choice.
Polo With Tailoring men's wear souting

Com jeans
If you do not want to use the custom complete, there is nothing wrong with replacing it with a pair of jeans, making the combination even more casual, the image below nicely illustrates this option. Just take care to choose the right jeans, the dark and with little wear, effects and washes are more sober and fit well at work since the "destroyed", premium full details are given for leisure and sightseeing.

Polo With Tailoring men's wear best souting

Like most men has at least one pole in wardrobe, these are a few more options to use the piece, leaving the traditional mix with jeans, betting on the most elegant pieces.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

We wear this cause : pink for october

what we wearWoman, what importance do you give to your life? To your health? That is a question that we should do every day, to try to take better care of our body, our welfare, our quality of life.

The Pink October is a great representation of that need. The month earned this designation as a way to educate all women about the importance of the fight against breast cancer. Prevention and early detection can save lives. Your life.

A cause so noble and dedicated to the woman could not win a different color, is not it? Rosa is vanity. Pink is feminine. Rosa is gentleness.

The color pink has come to symbolize this gorgeous movement, fighting for women's health. Let's put this question Patys? Fashion also expressed opinions and attitudes.

Seriously! What no shortage of parts and accessories roses for us to fill our looks of femininity and support this noble cause.

Selected ideas beautiful! We will rave about these inspirations and get trendy.

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